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Pricing and feature information for all PREto3 plans

Pricing and feature information for all PREto3 plans
Plan feature


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School Profile
  • School Information
Unlimited Staff profiles
  • Number of staff profiles
Student Profiles
  • Student information such as allergy, medication, and parents information
Parent Profiles
  • Easily check parents information
Create Sub Admins
  • Assign staff to sub admin to help manage facilities
student management
  • Create, add, edit and assign students to different classes
immunization tracking
  • Track student's immunization records
Allergy profiles
  • Track student's allergy record
  • Track student's medication records
User Permission Management
  • Manage all staff's role
multi-locations Management
  • Manage Multiple locations
Online application
  • Online Enrollment built-in template
Digital contract
  • Contract with eSignature feature
Enrollment templates
  • Built-in enrollment template
Customer lifetime Cloud storage services for documents
  • LIfetime students and enrollment cloud storage
Billing and Invoicing
Billing automation
  • Set up recurring payments
online invoice
  • Create an online invoice
fee collection
  • Collect fees online
online payment
  • Online payment system
Student Check-in / Check-out Reports
  • Student attendance report
Staff Timesheets
  • Staff Attendance repor
Staff Check-in / Check-out Reports
  • Staff Attendance Report
Fee collection reports
  • School Finanacial Report
secure sign in pins for parents
  • Parents will have the ability to check their child(ren) in
live ratio (student/teacher ratio)
  • Have the visibility to view student and teacher ratio on the dashboard.
Dynamic Check-in / Check-out out
  • Set up attendance on either tablet, cellphone or desktop
Kiosk Check-in / Check-out
  • Check in/out on Kiosk
Daily reports
Photo and Real-Time Activity Share
  • Share students’ daily activities through activity list, photos or videos with parents
incident reports
  • Report any incident with parents in real-time
  • send a broadcast message to all teachers and parents for events and announcements
in-app notification
  • Get notification whenever a message or broadcast is sent to you
messaging to and from parents
  • 1:1 message with parents
Group and Individual Texting
  • Create a group text to start a group conversation or create a one on one individual texting.
  • In-app calling feature
Meal Plans
  • Track student meal plans
create, share, and edit events
  • Easily create, share and edit event with our calendar feature
Notification for events
  • Get notification for any events created
Customer support
live chat
phone calls
personalized onboarding
Payroll Processing
Full-Service Payroll
Employee Self Service
Employee Profiles
Health Benefit Administration
Workers’ comp administration
Merchant services
Credit Card Transaction Fees 2.75%
ACH 0.80 USD
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PREto3 cost?

PREto3 provides a 30-day free trial with no credit card information needed. After that, we charge users per their selected plan. Please contact our sales team here to get our complete pricing list.

Can I access a free trial?

Yes. You can try our daycare software completely free. Contact our sales team to receive your free trial account today! Contact us.

What’s your cancellation policy?

There’s no commitment for your subscription, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

How do I purchase?

We offer a free 30-days trial. At any time during your free trial, you can upgrade to the plan of your choice by contacting our sales team, or after your 30-day free trial, our app will ask you to select the plan to which you wish to upgrade to.

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