PREto3 Features

One Platform For All Your Needs

PREto3 is a software application inspired by the way you work.
From enrollment to fee management, it manages all functions of your childcare business.


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Administrator Staff Parents


Gain Complete visibility with the PREto3 dashboard. Empowering you with real-time information and decision-making capabilities so you can easily track and manage your institution at anytime from anywhere.

  • Manage Staff
  • Track Fee Collection
  • Manage Upcoming Activities
  • Track Student Attendance

Student & Staff
Check In-Out

PREto3’s check-in/out feature allows parents/guardians to easily check their child in and out and ensures children’s safety with real-time updates to parents. The feature is also set up to allow staff to clock in and out. Thus, tracking staff attendance & ensuring transparency.

  • Save time on processing staff time sheets & attendance
  • Automatically calculate total work hours
  • Update Parents with students attendance data
  • Alert parents when their child is dropped off and picked up


Partner with parents and staff with reliable and versatile communication, including:

  • Share students’ planned activities and progress instantly
  • Update parents with their child’s daily activities by sending photos or video
  • Text, email, and phone calls all in one place
  • Send private messages or broadcast to the whole group
  • Communicate with parents via 2-way messaging


Schedule events for groups and teams. Share, edit, and send notifications. All in one app!

  • Add events for classes or the whole daycare and share with parents
  • Schedule and send reminders
  • Full visibility of all your childcare center’s activities

Staff Management

Eliminate time-consuming staff management tasks. Manage staff scheduling & time tracking with ease with our simple-to-use staff management feature.

  • Access and track employee time & attendance records at anytime
  • Assign staff to different students and classrooms
  • Create and edit staff information on your web portal or app
  • Message and update staff instantly

Fees Management

PREto3 provides intelligent fee collection. Manage tuition and fees, including custom invoicing, through our secure online payment gateway. You can also set up autopay and recurring billing for ease and convenience.

  • Collect payments automatically
  • Parents can easily pay tuition and fees online
  • Immediately identify outstanding payments
  • Access real-time financial data
  • No more phone calls or late payments!

Student Enrollment

Now, you can have every part of your registration, from forms to fees, into one, automated process. The child’s registration status is instantly updated in your records. Spend less time on paperwork and more time with the children.

  • Ready to use built-in registration form
  • Save all students registration records in our app for easy access and search
  • Request, create and print any form at anytime
  • Easily manage your student roster and enrollment pipeline.


PREto3 has clear and precise reporting tools, helping you save time and money, get organized, and make informed decisions.

  • Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Instant access for admin to track time & attendance records of staff and children
  • Easily email, view, and print any report.
  • View daily, weekly, and monthly attendance reports
  • See teacher and student attendance in real-time

Payroll + HR + Benefits

PREto3 is the only childcare management software company that offers full-service payroll, HR services and benefits. We work with Gusto to provide Fast, Easy, and Reliable Payroll service.

  • Handles different pay rates, pay schedules, or pay types
  • Automatically pays all federal, state, and local payroll taxes
  • Files W2s and 1099s
  • Fully integrated benefits: Health insurance, 401(k), HSA, FSA, commuter


Get instant access to the information you care about most anytime, anywhere.

  • Review the check-in/out status of your class
  • See the attendance report of individual children
  • Manage events

Student Check-In/Out

Keep track of your students efficiently and with ease. The multi-select feature allows you to sign in and out multiple children at the same time. This feature also sends real-time updates to parents.

  • Quick overview of class attendance records
  • Real-time attendance update for both admins and parents
  • Check attendance records for different classrooms


Increase engagement with parents. PREto3 improves both your ability to communicate with parents and their ability to communicate with you.

  • Send private or bulk messages
  • Call, email, or text directly from our app.
  • Keep parents updated on their children’s activities with messages, photos, and videos
  • Instantly create and send alerts and notification to parents
  • Share Events and class schedules


Keep your parents in the know for all your class’s events and activities.

  • Check and update your class activities
  • Share the class schedule with parents
  • Post events on the calendar to share with parents

Daily Activities

Get organized and reduce classroom prep time by planning lessons and managing your schedule easily in one app. Add attachments, photos, and videos to bring your lessons to life.

  • Easily add and manage activities with built-in activity icons
  • Share daily activities with parents giving them a peace of mind while they’re at work
  • Check student progress with the daily activity plan


Now, you can have your students’ attendance reports, progress reports, and activity reports all in one place.

  • Generate and save reports in our app
  • Check and share attendance, progress, and activity reports
  • Prevent costly accounting mistakes with digital finance reports.


Quickly and easily access the information you care about anytime from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Quick view of your child’s teacher's information
  • Access the information of multiple children from one dashboard with easy navigation
  • Check-in/out pin for your child(ren)
  • Daily activity report of your child(ren)


No more worrying about your child’s whereabouts & safety. Get real-time updates on your child’s attendance or generate their check-in/out report.

  • Quick overview of child’s attendance records
  • Real-time attendance update
  • Receive alerts when your child is checked in or out


Easily engage with your daycare and your child’s teachers. PREto3 allows you to view broadcast messages and engage in 2-way communication with your child’s teacher.

  • Connect with teachers through in-app messages or phone calls
  • Receive your child(ren)’s photos or videos from teacher
  • Receive notifications and alerts from your daycare/preschool


View school events, trips, and class schedule. You can even set reminders and notifications.

  • Check class schedule from your phone
  • Receive reminders and notifications
  • View school events and activities

Daily Activities

Parents, never hear “nothing” again! You can receive customized updates on your child’s activities, including photos and videos of those precious moments.

  • View the schedule of your child(ren)’s daily class activities
  • View lesson plans to get a better understanding of your child(ren)’s learning progress
  • See your child(ren)’s learning milestones


No more printing and manually filling out forms. Complete all forms online and send them securely through your device with just a click.

  • Paperless enrollment process
  • Check and update your enrollment documents at anytime
  • Update immunization and allergy records to share with teachers

At PREto3 we constantly update our features to make managing childcare facilities easier and be the best afterschool, camp, and daycare management software available.

We automatically update these features at no extra cost.