PREto3 connects teachers, parents, and administrators to deliver an integrated and nurturing educational experience for pre-school children. Our focus is on supporting development in the first five years, to give each child the very best start in life. Our innovative and easy-to-use apps are designed to support and facilitate communication, engagement and collaboration every step of the way.

The quality of early education is determined primarily by three factors: academic content, teacher effectiveness and parental participation. PREto3 provides complete backend support to Preschools, Government Organizations and Parents by offering research-based, Comprehensive Curricular Materials, Pedagogical Techniques, Learning Materials, Teacher Training Programs and Assessment Tools -- ensuring superior learning environments for the overall development of children.

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Our services are easy to learn, use and customize.
Our platform is robust, secured, scalable, and mobile.
Our curriculum is accredited and quality checked.
We provide continuous support after sales.

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