An innovative digital platform for early learning.

Our platform unites the key elements essential to early learning success: rich curriculum for children, resources and professional development for teachers, real-time communication for parents, and dynamic tools for well-managed classrooms and schools.

Smart Features

Learning, Communication, Collaboration. All at one place.


Real time dashboard that provides customized view for different roles - Admin, Teachers & parents.


Maintain check in- check out time of students and generate monthly reports for parents and admin


Important notices from school on parent dashboard to ensure vital information is never missed.

Library & Resources

Access to large collection of Books and media on early learning education & parenting.

Academic calendar

Share important dates of academic events and holidays with both parents and staff.


Assess and share child’s progress with parents periodically. Customizable assessment forms.


Push notifications ensure that parents are abreast with daily class activities, even when on move.


Forum & open blog for Parents, Teachers, School Admin & learning community to discuss & share experiences.

Single login

Easy and seamless access to multiple child / class with one Dashboard.

curriculum management

Advantages @PREto3?


Curriculum, assessment, communication, photos, reporting, administration – all in one place.


Automated & Customized daily feeds with activities, notes, & photos for each of parent.


Phones, Computers, Tablets – iOS, Android, PC, Mac Wherever and Whenever.


The fastest and easiest to use platform in early education, no training required. Powerful, Simple & Scalable.


No Trial period, the app comes completely free for Parents, Teachers & Schools.

Bringing School Community Together

PREto3 is an all in one app for early learning community, it brings efficiency in school management, increases teacher’s effectiveness, and makes parents more participative, resulting in a nurturing and integrated learning experience for children.

PREto3 provides complete backend support to Preschools, Teachers and Parents by offering, Digital platform, research-based Comprehensive Curriculum, Pedagogical Techniques, Learning Materials, Teacher Training Programs and Assessment Tool.

PREto3 makes early learning management and its distribution really easy.

research-based Comprehensive Curriculum

Know More About PREto3

PREto3 is completely revolutionizing early education with end-to-end solution Designed specifically to meet the needs of Preschools, Daycares & parents.

With PREto3 teachers get more time with children them more effective and parents get sense of what their child is learning in the school making them more participative .

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App for administrators to helping them in curriculum development, lesson planning, teacher training and organizing everyday tasks.

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Lesson Plans, Training Resources, Communication and Management Tools for effective Classroom Management, and accessible Expert.

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Keeps parents in loop with the school by receiving important updates, news and announcements regular feeds from teachers.

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